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How and Where to Get Laid in Chicago

How and Where to get laid in Chicago

The Best Chicago Hookup Spots in 2021

This city is great for meeting new people. There are many opportunities to meet new people and make friends in Chicago thanks to the Midwestern charm, as well as the numerous festivals, events and parties that take place throughout the year. Sometimes, however, the choices can be just as limited as our winters when you are looking for friends with benefit. You may not find the right dive bar to satisfy your needs at all.

It is strange that Chicago, a city of over 2.7 million people, would make it difficult to get laid. It can happen, but it's possible. The reason? You're using the wrong techniques. No matter where you are in Boystown, Englewood, Viagra Triangle or Boystown, your only method of getting laid is to go to the same bar night after night. You can only draw water from one well.

We're here for you, so get ready to be a little more active. We've compiled a list of the top hookup spots in the area with the help of local experts and guides. You can read them both and leave feedback in the comments. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our recommendations.

Chicago Singles

These are our top spots for Chicago hook-ups

These are our top spots for Chicago hook-ups

Even though our city is fun, you may not feel like going out in the rain to try to strike it rich. These are the places that many people turn to when they want to save their money.

Although this bar is new, it has a loyal following. The bar is a mix of a nightclub, a cocktail lounge and a dive bar. It also has a decent restaurant. The drink list changes often, and the dance floor's occupants are subject to change depending on the musical event.

On Friday nights, join them at their Superfriends dance party. This is where R&B and hip hop meet indie music. Although the majority of attendees are in their 20s, you never know who might be there. Even if dancing is not your thing, you can still enjoy a cocktail, play skeeball, and meet new people. This bar is a great place to meet new people and have fun.

With over 200 000 active users, the best alternative to Tinder is Chicagosingleshookup.com. Honestly, it's not even a competition, because for most of us, Chicagosingleshookup.com is way more fun and the easiest way to find some action we've seen. For three consecutive years, it has occupied the top spot in our annual list for the best online hookup sites. We doubt that will change.

It's the first thing you should do when you are looking for hookups. It's free and you don't have to risk anything. You could discover new possibilities. It has been a great success with women who have used it, and we are confident that you will as well.

There are many options available that will make it easier for guys, especially those with less attractive looks.

It is important that all who sign up know what they are getting into. Chicagosingleshookup.com is made for helping singles (and couples) get laid in Chicago. If you're not looking for bedroom fun, there is no reason to sign up.

You might be missing out on some great options if you don't take advantage of their free trial. It's difficult enough to be a man without knowing all of your options.

We've found the best Chicago pickup bars

We've found the best Chicago pickup bars

Drinking is a favorite pastime. Women love to drink. It's a great match. These bars are the best places to meet girls in Chicago.


Ours was the first city to embrace specialty cocktails. Because of its history with Al Capone and Prohibition, it's no surprise that the city has embraced specialty cocktails. It was only right that our city was the first to embrace underground bars and secret speakeasies as a new trend. A glut of cocktail bars means that not all of them live up to their hype. In a matter of months, a new bar can become boring and uninteresting.

The Sixth, Lincoln Square, is both cool and casual. This cocktail lounge doesn't try to impress customers with their sophistication, but instead it is casual and friendly. This bar is like your local bar but produces some of the best cocktails in town. Even if you don't drink a lot, the drinks are worth it. This spot is a favorite of Milwaukee girls!

The drinks are the reason that this place is so popular with girls. Although the cocktails are charming and fun to look at, they are also well-made and strong. After the alcohol has worn off, the Sixth's cocktails are a great conversation starter. The Sixth is the best place to go if you are looking for a date or a new friend.


Wintertime in our city is hibernation for many people. They're content to escape the cold nights and weekends in mid-January by catching up on their Netflix queue from the couch. They still get bit by the lonely bug, even though the wind may be bitter. They are not the only ones. Union Park's Kaiser Tiger continues to draw crowds even in the coldest months. Sometimes, this includes girls who are still searching for St. Paul hookups at home.

An outdoor beer garden might not be immediately thought of as a winter attraction for pretty girls. Kaiser Tiger is more than a beer garden. They have the usual delicious selection of beers available on tap as well as in bottles. They also offer a variety of comfort foods that are German-inspired. This unique Chicago beer garden is like stepping into a party with endless possibilities.

Kaiser Tiger, like many bars, offers bocce ball during the summer months. Even musicians are invited to perform on certain nights. The ice sheet curling lanes that are available in the winter months is what really makes this spot stand out. This is something you won't find anywhere else. That's what attracts people, especially attractive women, every month.


Sakura Karaoke is the perfect karaoke spot if you are looking for a place where a group of Iowa bachelorette girls (terribly) sing Britney Sppears. It is not uncommon for local hookups to start in such places. This bar is located in Chinatown and offers a mix of karaoke, sports bars, and a great time. You can also rent a private space if you're into karaoke, but it's equally fun to just hang out with the crowd or get in touch with singles.

Even if your not a singer, you will enjoy the great drinks and delicious bar snacks. There are many themed nights, and they have more than 100,000 songs. Yes, there are sometimes Iowa bachelorette parties. This is a great place to look for Chicago hook-ups.

The Owl is a great alternative to cocktail lounges that can seem too stuffy. This bar is open from 4 AM to 4 AM every day. It's a great place to make new friends and even get a few numbers. This bar is located in Logan Square and many people visit it as their last stop before heading home. If you are looking for Chicago hookups, it's a great spot to meet people. And if you can't find hookups in Toronto, you might as well go there in Canada.

The Owl is a great place to grab a drink and has many events throughout the week, including concerts and DJ sets. This makes it easy to strike up a conversation. These nights are great for finding a partner to dance with, regardless of whether you're vertical or horizontal. Even if it is a quiet night, The Owl's jukebox will always have a wide selection of tunes.

Although there are many music venues in the city, few places are as welcoming as 210 Live. 210 Live is a North Shore venue that hosts live music five nights a weeks. It gets busy, but not always crowded, for almost every show. You will find more young people here than at other clubs looking for hookups. The crowds are diverse and it is easy to miss the signs that they are posting.

People interact here, as opposed to many hipster music clubs that have too many cool attendees. It's one of the main attractions. Even if you don't like the music, it doesn't usually cost much to enter. Live music provides a more interesting background than the top 40.

These are the best places to find Chicago hookups

These are the best places to find Chicago hookups

Hot girls are all about showing off their assets in short, tight skirts and tight dresses. Single girls are more likely to dance at clubs than you might think.


Dance clubs are one of the most vulnerable nightspots to new trends. Consider how music and dance styles have changed dramatically in just the past few years. Imagine a dance club that was packed wall to wall last summer, but is now empty by Christmas. It takes something extraordinary to create and sustain a club that attracts people year after year, generation after generations. Smartbar is a club that has managed to do this despite all odds. If you can't get laid in New York, you can cross the lake and get lucky here!

Smartbar is located in the shadows of Wrigley Field and has been drawing dancers to the dance floor since the 80s. Smartbar has adapted to the times by hiring the best DJs in the industry to host their weekends. The DJs on their roster are able to keep the night moving by playing a mix of classics and modern hits. For live events and concerts, they also invite outside artists.

Smartbar is a great place to meet girls. The ladies arrive in large numbers every Thursday through Sunday to dance and have fun. Smartbar opened its doors in 1989, and many of the people who attend aren't even alive today. It doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter. A good time is always a good time. This landmark has offered that for many years.


Today, sexuality is fluid. The line between entertainment and eroticism is constantly blurred. Old-fashioned bars with sexy bartenders and buxom waitresses are no longer as seductive as they were. You need to have a sensual night out if you want to get girls' engines revving. Bordel is the right place to go for such a night.

The bordello-themed bar at the edge of Wicker park always has sex on your mind. We don't mean just the incredible line-ups of cabaret performers. You might see a band or singer perform on some nights. You'll also be able to enjoy the sensual entertainment provided by the dancers mentioned. Bordel's sexiness is not limited to the captivating and titillating performances.

The bar's design aims to exude sexual energy in every aspect. The dimly lit bar is filled with red and golden hues. Bartenders create intoxicating works. Chicago's Bordel club combines old-world eroticism and modern, uninhibited sexual liberties. This makes it one of the most sexy spots in town, and is a great way to seduce girls.

The best places to meet hot Chicago girls during the day

The best places to meet hot Chicago girls during the day

It's not like finding hookups in a city is more difficult at night. These hot spots are available during the day!


For college girls, we have already recommended a great place to grab a cup of coffee. Coffee shops aren’t just for geeks. Cool coffee shops are giving bars a run for the money when it comes to serving the hottest women. Dark Matter Coffee is the best of all the coffee bars in town.

This Belmont Avenue coffee shop is a modern take on a traditional southwestern bar. Because it's both convenient and trendy, it has become a popular choice for day dates. Dark Matter Coffee is the best alternative to waiting until nightfall for a girl you like.


We are not the only ones who love nerdy girls. It's worth the train ride up to Evanston for the smart girls at Northwestern. Although college girls may frequent bars, it is worth looking for the best coffee shops and not bars if you want to meet their favorite hangouts. Why not invite someone you met on Fort Wayne's best hookups app?

Coffee Lab is a popular spot in Evanston that's always busy. The coed-friendly coffee shop is a trendy, globally conscious spot. They can also brew decent cups of coffee. Coffee Lab is a great place to go if you are a Northwestern student, or just a regular visitor to Evanston. You never know how many Chicago hookups you will find.

Chicago has many other great places to hook up with women<

Chicago has many other great places to hook up with women

These other options may be a better option if you aren't able to find Chicago hookups at these spots.

Although it may seem sacrilegious, suggesting that Lollapalooza is better than Lollapalooza might be a good idea. Your festival preferences will vary depending on the musical acts you choose. Pitchfork Music Festival, however, is the place to be if you want to hear from Chicago's hottest girls. Girls from all the way in Indianapolis go here for a weekend of fun and music!

Every year, the city's most sexiest people are drawn to all of the indie bands and hipster performers. We don't care about who is playing. We just go where the hot Chicago girls stand. Don't bother with the travel guides. The Pitchfork Music Festival is the best view in town during summer.

We would be very surprised if anyone in Chicago hasn't tried Tinder. Most likely, your grandmother has swiped through Tinder a few times. There are very few online platforms that have been downloaded more than your grandmother.

It's simple. Tinder is how Chicago girls and guys meet. It's like browsing through a huge catalog of items we won't be able afford. Tinder is for you if you're like Hemsworth. You can create a great Tinder bio, and continue swiping. You're bound to find a match with one of the many Tinder girls!


Arbella is a fantastic place to be a cocktail bartender right now. This beautiful bar and restaurant is located just off the Grand/State redline stop. This is why people return time and time again. This includes beautiful women who are looking for casual sex. If you're interested to seduce older women, this is the place to be.

This bar is loved by all ages. Arbella offers delicious drinks and tasty food in a romantic atmosphere. This bar is great for meeting new people, as well as impressing someone you have met online. No matter how your night began, we are certain we will know the end of it. This is one of our favorite places to meet older women looking to hookup.

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